Besides my passion for digital content creation and marketing, I am a book nerd. I have translated my passion for book reading and writing into guiding and mentoring authorpreneurs. I help authors build their “brand” and turn readers into “fans” via my services: book marketing and one-on-one coaching for authors.

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Praise from Authors:

  • I must thank my stars for the day I was referred to Komal’s mentoring and editing services for authors via one of my friends (her previous client). Since then I have been troubling her to provide me with a critical evaluation of my written work. As expected, she has been quick to praise the positive and bold enough to pinpoint the negative aspects of my manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction. Her critiques and edits have been most encouraging and helped me polish my “rough drafts” to publishing standard work. I can trust her to give me the right feedback and guidance on my creative writing, whenever I need. Thank you, Komal for being an excellent critic and mentor.

    Waheeda Khan

    Writer, Ashvamegh (Literary Magazine) & Professor of English Lit., India
  • Komal has a gift for the written word. In promoting my ebook, I was so pleased to have her review posted on The Review Girl website, and the review was thoughtful and insightful. I would recommend her blog, and her reviews, to any writer.”

    Joseph Rinaldo

  • I was immensely impressed with Komal. I had contacted her to review my book because I wanted to branch out of the Regency community, to see if ‘Darcy and Fitzwilliam’ would be understood by someone who was not that fond of Regency era stories. She not only was completely open minded about the book, she understood intricacies that I myself hadn’t even realized. She saw details that I had taken for granted. I truly appreciated this, she opened my eyes. I can freely and highly recommend Komal. She has my trust.

    Karen Wasylowski

    Author of 'Darcy and Fitzwilliam' book series
  • Komal is wonderful, inspiring and helpful. I’m so proud to know her.

    Elisa Magagna

    Author and Officer at Portneuf Medical Centre
  • Komal reviewed my book, Size Eight in a Size Zero World. Her review is very thoughtful and insightful. It is highlighted on my website. Komal’s blog provided me an intelligent platform to promote my book. She has a devoted following, which read and comment on her reviews. I enjoyed our interaction.

    Meredith Cagen

    Author of Chick Lit
  • Komal reviewed and interviewed me for her blog, The Review Girl. Her insightful review was a great support for not only the novel but for me as the author. She takes great pride in creating a blog that lets others as passionate as herself find and support those in the literary world. She is on-time with her tasks and has great professionalism. I will follow her growth in this industry.

    Lorena Bathey

    Indie Author and Owner at Lorena B Books